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Larry Greenfield, New York Personal Trainer, Answers the Pandemic Question: “Go to the Gym or Workout Outdoors?”

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Larry Greenfield, a New York-local fitness specialist, discusses whether it is more beneficial for people to work out at the gym or outdoors during a pandemic.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 29, 2020 / -- Regular exercise for mental and physical health is a crucial matter during the coronavirus pandemic. During the beginnings of the virus outbreak, at-home workouts were what people focused on for their daily dose of movement. Now, the subject has shifted as society slowly starts to pick up its pace again.

Larry Greenfield, New York-based certified fitness coach, has almost twenty years of experience working with men and women over forty. Through his work, Greenfield has recognized the problems that people over forty encounter when trying to achieve their fitness goals. He uses a specific approach to help clients overcome all physical and psychological barriers. One of the current obstacles around physical fitness is COVID-19. “Though New York’s gym’s remain closed, there has been a lot of buzz in the fitness industry about whether or not people should opt to exercise in the outside or go to the gym,” said Greenfield.

As forty-three states have permitted gyms to start reopening their doors up slowly, members wonder whether or not to take the risk of going back. The concern raises curiosity regarding the benefits of going to the gym compared to outdoor fitness activities. The White House instructs gyms to follow proper protocols that need to be put forth into action to meet sanitization and social distancing requirements. The split remains between gym members with feelings of excitement and skepticism.

For those who are warier of the return, their primary concerns revolve around people gathering in a small space, decreased airflow, and shared gym equipment. Certain gyms adhere to the public health safety guidelines by requiring staff to wear masks and deep cleaning the facility for one hour daily and the locker room for one hour twice a day with specific COVID-19 protecting cleaners. Gyms are also checking temperatures at the door for all entering staff members and gym clients. Many reopening gyms require appointments and class sign-ups to be done online before driving over to the gym to avoid reaching maximum capacity.

Regarding whether outside is better to work out in than hopping back into the gym, infection preventionists are saying yes to the great outdoors. There is a higher risk of running into an encounter with the coronavirus in an enclosed indoor area over working out in nature. Unless people are exercising outside with buddies and one of them is sick, there is little to no risk of catching coronavirus if you maintain social distancing.

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About Larry Greenfield
Larry Greenfield is a certified fitness coach from New York, NY, who specializes in helping men and women over 40 get into the best shape of their life. Through years of experience, he’s discovered that personalizing his approach to fit each client’s needs and aiming for long-term results is the best path to improve his clients’ lifestyle. When he is not working, Larry enjoys fitness, art, traveling, and outdoor activities with his family.

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